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How to Get All Blooks in Blooket?

Blooket is an incredibly fun and popular online multiplayer game platform often used in classrooms. The games use “blooks” – character avatars that give players special abilities. There are common, rare, epic, and legendary blooks to collect. Naturally, many players want to get their hands on all the available blooks in Blooket.

So why do people want to collect all the blooks and even the rarest blooks in blooket? For some, it’s about achievement and being able to show off a full collection. Others aim to get all the blooks so they can use their best abilities during competitive gameplay. And of course, some just think the different blook designs are cute or cool!

Getting every single blook in Blooket takes time and effort. Here are the main methods players use to obtain a full blook collection:

Method 1: Play Blooket Games and Earn Coins

The primary way to get new blooks is by purchasing them from the shop using coins earned through gameplay. Here are some tips for earning coins quickly:

  • Play often – the more you play, the more coins you’ll rack up over time. Try to play at least a few games daily.
  • Level up – when you reach new player levels, you get coin rewards. 
  • Complete daily quests – finishing daily tasks earns you bonus coins.
  • Win games – placing high in certain games nets you more coins.
  • Watch ads – you can earn coins by watching short video ads between games.
  • Invite friends – inviting friends to Blooket gets you 100 coins per friend who joins.

Once you accumulate coins, visit the shop and buy new blooks whenever you can afford them. Buy rare, epic and legendary blooks first since they are more expensive. Common blooks will come naturally over time.

Method 2: Buy Blooks with Real Money 

For players who want all the blooks right away, you can actually buy coins with real money and then use the coins to purchase blooks instantly. 

Here are some tips for buying blooks without spending too much:

  • Only buy when coins are on sale – regular coin prices are very high, so wait for occasional sales.
  • Calculate how many coins you need – don’t overspend on coins for blooks you’ll earn anyway.
  • Set a budget– determine a reasonable amount of real money you’re willing to put towards blooks.
  • Share family/friend accounts – team up to upgrade a shared account with purchased coins.
  • Use promotional codes – look online for special promo codes that give bonus coins.

While buying blooks can be expensive, it’s an option for those seeking instant blook gratification.

Method 3: Trade Blooks with Other Players

  • Join the official Blooket Discord – connect with players interested in trading blooks.
  • Only trade duplicates – never trade your only copy of a blook. 
  • Know blook rarity and demand – research what blooks are rare when proposing trades.
  • Be patient – it may take monitoring the Discord daily before you find a suitable trade.
  • Don’t get scammed – only trade with trusted members of the community.
  • Sweeten deals – offer multiple blooks or coins if needed to secure a rare blook.

Trading duplicate blooks with other players is a smart way to fill gaps in your collection. Here are some tips:

With savvy trading, you can swap common blooks for rare ones you need. But be wary of unfair deals and scams.

Method 4: Use Codes and Glitches to Get Free Blooks

Some players even use secret codes and glitches to try getting free blooks in Blooket. Here’s the scoop on that:

  • Follow fan accounts – Instagram pages like @blooketcodes post codes for free coins/blooks. 
  • Check Reddit – the Blooket subreddit has threads listing working codes.
  • Explore YouTube – YouTubers reveal glitches to collect unreleased blooks.
  • Use text glitches – inserting random text can trigger popup rewards. 
  • Be quick – codes and glitches tend to get patched rapidly once they go viral.
  • Don’t cheat – exploiting major glitches could get your account banned.

While tempting, keep in mind that abusing codes and glitches violates the Blooket rules. Use them sparingly and ethically at your own risk.


With dedicated gameplay, wise spending, strategic trading, and timely code use, collecting all Blooket blooks is an achievable goal. Just be patient, play regularly, and don’t stress too much over “catching them all.” Enjoy the process!

Also, recognize that new blooks get added all the time. Trying to exploit shortcuts can ruin the fun and integrity of the game. Focus on playing fair and building your collection slowly over time for a rewarding journey.


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